The second part of the article is for people with Deep learning background. So I vision some difficulties if readers do not have those background.

Depends on the time you want to invest. There are many good deep learning courses online, like from Stanford CS, Coursera, … In fact, I don’t even want to mention that because there are quite many good choices that I don’t want to take any sides. But they will take a reasonable amount of time but you will learn how to use them and they are the two fundamental models in Deep learning. You don’t need to finish the whole class but it will take many hours to finish the needed videos.

If you just want to invest less than an hour to know each technology, you can Google it. Both topics are so important, many people have written quite nice articles on both. I just wish I had the same resources when I learned it many years ago. But now the situations have dramatically improved.

If you are interested in how to code LSTM or CNN, you will be better off to read some basic articles first and then jump into TensorFlow, PyTorch or … for some real coding exercise. All these platforms have “get started” doc to cover what you want.

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