What do we learn from single shot object detectors (SSD, YOLOv3), FPN & Focal loss (RetinaNet)?

Single Shot detectors

Faster R-CNN flow
feature_maps = process(image)
ROIs = region_proposal(feature_maps)
for ROI in ROIs
patch = roi_align(feature_maps, ROI)
results = detector2(patch) # Reduce the amount of work here!
feature_maps = process(image)
results = detector3(feature_maps) # No more separate step for ROIs
Making a prediction relative to a sliding window.
64 locations
Use 4 anchors to make 4 predictions per location.
4 predictions each relative to an anchor
Compute a prediction using a 3x3 convolution filter.
Each location makes k predictions each have 25 parameters.


Single shot prediction for both classification and location.
Use multi-scale feature maps for detection.
Object detection in real-time

Feature Pyramid Networks (FPN)

FPN (Source)
Feature extraction in FPN (Modified from source)
Modified from source
Reconstruct spatial resolution in the top-down pathway. (Modified from source)
Add skip connections (Source)

Hard example mining

Non-maximal suppression in inference

Focal loss (RetinaNet)

Modified from source.

Further reading on SSD, YOLO & FPN




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